CLUB ADCN invited me to create the cover image for their bi-monthly digital magazine: the TWISTED issue

I teamed up with Ilse van Stokkum again to create this image. The first of an ongoing series we’re working on.

In a year that has been twisted out of shape, turned upside down and forced inside out, the theme for this issue reflects not only our current mental state, but our perception of reality and ‘the new normal’

As a photographer generally known for being an alluring perfectionist, Anne Claire’s work is highly stylistic and static whilst pulsating with life and is instantly recognisable. Her work often includes bright and bold colours and has a highly graphic character element, where she often twists reality and plays between fiction and actuality – causing us to immediately think of her work for our TWISTED theme.

Anne Claire de Breij & Ilse van Stokkum

Anne Claire de Breij

Ilse van Stokkum

Danine Zwets

Ruud van Doorn

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